Twin Falls Public Library

Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, February 10th 2016

  • Approved on Wednesday, March 9th 2016

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 in the Library’s Board Room.  Attending the meeting were Trustees John Van Engelen, Chris Vaage and Kyle Tarbett; Library Director Tara Bartley; City Council Liaison Suzanne Hawkins; Library Staff Members Wanda Harris and Amy Mortenson.  Absent, Ben Cluff and Margaret Peck.

Acting Chairman Chris Vaage called the meeting to order at 4:33 p.m.

Acting Chairman Chris Vaage welcomed Amy Mortenson, Adult Services Department Head, in celebration of her 10 year Anniversary. Trustees thanked her for her services. Tara went over Amy’s time here. Book to be donated in honor of Amy.

Amended agenda to move approval of expeditures and financial account after library incidents.

The Trustees MSC approval of amended February 10, 2016 agenda. 

The Trustees MSC the approval of the January 13, 2016 minutes.

Communications & Correspondence

The Library will be closed Presidents Day, Monday, February 15..

20th Century Club, 100 year celebration. They asked the Library to be a part of this, due to funds they have contributed in the past.

Tara and Katie Volle, our Outreach Librarian, will meet with the Refugee Center tomorrow.

Adam is leading a workshop for the ICFL.

Katie had a meeting with the Senior Center. They have been taken off the Bookmobile schedule, due to no patrons using it. The Senior Center did a survey. They are interested in having a library program.

The Reference department is doing Magic Valley Reads. Amy: It is a three part book discussion. Dr. Jim Gentry, from CSI, will be here next Thursday, that is the first part.

Youth Services now has two story times in place, there has been a huge attendance. Had over 90 people at one story time. Need for an additional time and day. Did a survey for patron input.  Will implement new time on March calendar. The new youth services librarian has brought a lot of energy to our program.

Food For Fines was in the paper, over 2,000 pounds of food was collected. Very successful. This was discussed at the Library Foundation meeting as well. Highlighted the fact that we did not lose money, and brought more people into the library. 

City Council

(Suzanne Hawkins):

February 24th, there is an ICRMP webinar on personnel issues. Wanda is invited to attend, will email the information details.

Everything is good in the City, focus is on economical development. Update on downtown, accepting bids now on demolition, ordering trees. Have been trying to work around events.

 Suzanne will be the City Liaison for the next two years.

Library Foundation

(Chris Vaage)

Unable to go to retreat on 23rd.  Will attend February meeting. Tara: Katie and I went to Foundation Retreat. Focused on direction for 2016. Outreach will play a big role in future. It is moving in a positive direction. 

Finance & Budgeting

Reviewed contracts the Library currently has. Problematic is the postage machine. Locked into a five year contract, large increase financially monthly. Contract implemented with prior administration. The company is non-responsive to Tara.  Tara will look into further options. After reviewing all service contracts, everything else looked good. Talked about budget, on track. Talked about creation of a Notary Public service. Wanda figured out a policy, best procedures. It is a $50 cost for 6 years of insurance coverage. Recommendation is Wanda become the Notary for the Library. Motion to approve, add notary services and enact policy and procedures. Vote taken. Approved.

Banking Policy, payroll processing procedure. No policy in existence currently. Best practice is to have policy in place. For questions that may come up in the future, have something to refer to. Motion to approve Banking policy as submitted. Vote taken. Approved.

Building & Grounds

Projects for fiscal year. Improvement in from, steps and ramp. To start based on weather. Need to have bid process. Start project in March or April. Will put together list, then meet in committee again. Not a big job, but very important. Should be done in two parts for ease of access.

Capital Improvement plan for 2016-6017 budget. Roof has leaks. Needs fixed or replaced soon. Next fiscal year. Need to find out restrictions on available funds. Next meeting is in March, will have list at that time.

Planning & Public Relations

Margaret is chair of this committee, she is not present at board today.

Talked about National Library Week, April 11th to 16th. Brainstormed ideas. Media coverage, work with schools, get people in. Set up contests with prizes. Set up talks. Having a day for kids to bring grandparents, incorporate technology. Tara: Naming the Bookmobile, get community involvement. We do have a Social Committee. Invited trustees to come. 

Operations & Personnel

Meeting rooms are available to public. Right now there is no policy. They are currently only used for Library purposes. At one point we had a policy, then it was discontinued. Chris: We recommend opening up the rooms to the public. We make a policy, what the restrictions are, being careful not to discriminate. Tara: I had a policy to look at (put up on monitor). I have looked at several other library policies. Used ALA guidelines. Spoke with City Attorney. He sent the City Meeting Room Use Policy. We have meeting room use terms, discussed the application. Added waiver of liability as per the City policy. John: Recommending adding cleaning fee. Chris: Let’s ask for a motion. Motion to approve meeting room policy and application. Vote taken. Approved.

Scanning policy. Currently we charge $1.00 per page. Would change this to .15, same as copy. There was no existing policy. Proposed at committee meeting putting a fee schedule in place. There is a need for people to scan at the Library. Motion to reduce fee from $1.00 to .15 for scanning. Motion to approve fee schedule. Vote taken. Approved.

Drug Free Workplace Policy. Current one is outdated and inappropriate to Library. Using a copy of the City of Twin Falls Policy. Has been discussed with City Attorney. Motion to approve new policy. Vote taken. Approved. 

Business Issues

June board meeting date change needed. Due to Tara traveling. Recommend to move to the next week, June 15th. Will have a new agenda posted.

Kevin Tomlin from ICFL would like to talk to us about the responsibilities of trustees. Would be a 90 minute program. During the March 9th meeting maybe? Will confirm a date and time. Could also be separate from regular board meeting. After April 15th. Would make it a special meeting. 

Library Staff

No report

Library Director

Attended the Directors Summit January 27th – 28th. Direction for the next five years. Discussed issues happening for libraries. State Librarian provided information for Directors to take to City governments.

2016 staff goals, things to address throughout the year. Showed list on monitor.

Public Comment

No report

Additional Comments

Library Incidents:

Had officer and detective come to see library security camera footage for an assault that happened near our library. Adam showed them the locations of our outside cameras but no footage.  The next day, another person asked to look at our camera footage. Separate incident, but he too was assaulted. We did not allow access to our footage due to no police report filed. On both, nothing was caught on our cameras.

The Trustees MSC the approval of the January, 2016 bills. Vote taken. Approved.

Financial and Statistical report review. No discussion. Motion to approve. Approved.

Will schedule upcoming committee meetings, Building/Grounds and Financial/Budgeting.

Vice Chairman Chris Vaage announced the next regular meeting is March 9th, 2016 and adjourned the meeting at 5:55pm.


                              Respectfully submitted,

                        Wanda Harris, Sec. Pro. Tem

*sent to and reviewed by John Van Engelen, Secretary