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Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, July 13th 2016

  • Approved on Wednesday, July 13th 2016

July 13, 2016

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Twin Falls Public Library

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 in the Library’s Board Room.  Attending the meeting were Trustees Ben Cluff, Margaret Peck, Chris Vaage, Kyle Tarbett and John Vanenglen; Library Director Tara Bartley; City Council Liaison Suzanne Hawkins was absent; Library Staff Member Wanda Harris; Library Staff Membes CJ Rasmusson, James Starling and Katelyn Volle.

Chairman Ben Cluff called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Introductions were made of all present, as per Ben Cluff.

The Trustees MSC approval of July 13, 2016 agenda, with addition of item. Resignation of Trustee was added to the Library Director report.

The Trustees MSC the approval of the June 2016 minutes.

The Trustees MSC the approval of the June 2016 bills. Discussion regarding Capital Improvement budget line item. The ramp repair will be completed by end of budget year. There will be no seal coat.  Roll call vote taken. Approved.

Communications & Correspondence


CJ Rasmusson discussed the Food and School Supply Drive, similar to December efforts. One week, to include school supplies as well as canned goods, June 18th to 23rd.

3D printing went live last Thursday. 20 different jobs have been requested so far.  3D items were taken to the P20 conference by Katie Volle and Kasi Allen, to show educators uses in classroom kits. 

There is a grant opportunity through Best Buy, a technology grant. The Library will partner with the Foundation. Kasi Allen has worked on this, asking for $7,659. The Foundation would add $1,500. This would be used for a teen education program.

Idaho Power incentive payment was received for the remodeling of the teen room. James Starling replaced lighting in teen space, and has communicated to Idaho Power the upgrades. The Library received $500.

Summer Reading for Youth Services ends next week. Adult Services program ends the last week of July. There was an article in the newspaper regarding all library summer reading programs, featuring the Twin Falls Public Library.  There was also information regarding the Food & School Supply, items for fines.

On July 29th, there will be an after-hours murder mystery event for adults. Teens will have an after-hours event August 12th

City Council

No report

Library Foundation

Foundation Liaison report: (Chris Vaage)


Tara shared information from Diane Van Engelen, regarding the Foundation to receive marquee of John Hayes after the original bronze statue is placed downtown.

Finance & Budgeting

No report

Building & Grounds

Building/Grounds (John and Kyle)

In regards to the entry way project, bids came from two businesses. James explained the two bids. Cool Concrete, would use a concrete product. Regular sealing of this would be an ongoing future cost, every 4-5 years.  $1.00 a square foot, roughly $1,556 every time. There bid came at $21,784.  Doug Hemingway Construction would use an apoxy product. $8,500 to $11,900 was the bid. No annual sealing. The product has a possible shorter life span of 8 to 10 years. Both bids have a one year warranty. High end of Doug Hemingway quote includes removal of all existing surfaces. The ramp is a concern, will need to shut access for two days. Motion to accept lower bid from Dough Hemmingway Construction. Approved.  Recommended to close for one full day if needed

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

Operations/Personnel (Chris and John)

2 new policies. Use of an Educator library card and Patron Privacy policies.

CJ and Katie explained the use of the Educator card and library account. It is similar to the existing institutional card. Educators have different needs. Recommending an Educator card. To sign up they would need to have a regular library card. They would show proof they are employed at an educational facility. Allowed to check out 100 items at a time. Non-residents still have a $40 fee for their regular library card. No overdue fines, after 41 days they are charged for the materials as lost items. It would be active from August to June. They need to reapply every year for educator card. This is a new card type. We are working together with school libraries to support educators. If material is not available in the school library, they can come to TFPL.  Action item. Motion to accept Educator card policy with application required. Motion to approve. Approved.

Patron Privacy  and Confidentiality policy. The policy spells out what information is collected and retained, what happens to the personal information for our patrons. Part of ALA Code of Ethics is that we uphold the privacy rights of patrons. Motion to approve. Discussed  removing the wording Law Enforcement in policy. Recommendation to remove.  Approved with removal of Law Enforcement wording.

Personnel discussion. Acquisitions Librarian I. Change of job description and title to Library Assistant III. Librarian I required MLS. Recommending Library Assistant II to hold Bachelors. Will be updated.


Business Issues

Business Issues:

Acquisitions Librarian Kate Morrison is retiring, has been here for over 20 years. Kate’s  name is on several financial accounts, including a credit card account and the petty cash bank account. Kate’s name will be removed from the Petty Cash account as well as close the credit card with Kathleen Morrison’s name. A new card account will be opened with Tara Bartley’s name.  The petty cash account will add Erica Littlefield as signer.  Motion to approve. Approved.


Vacation and Sick Leave policy changes, sent to board members. The board requested that other policies be reviewed for comparison. What was found was each policy is different.   Recommendations, change vacation to be awarded at 6 months. This is a change from the 1 year in previous policy. 5 days of vacation will be available at 6 months.  Option of carry over days is an additional change. Change also from accrual process to award at beginning of anniversary year.  Also reworded what a complete month of employment is, specifying hours. The change to sick leave is to continue to accrue, no rollover of vacation hours.  Motion to adopt revised vacation and sick policy as presented. Approved.


Library Staff

Library Staff Report: 

Kasi Allen is our Youth Services Librarian and is running new programs. Youth Services has added additional programs to accommodate growing numbers. Have also added a preschool summer reading program. Books in the space have been shifted, weeding has been done. Books were moved down a shelf and have adjusted space to be more child friendly. More educational and hands on programs have been added. Kasi has brought energy and interesting, exciting ideas. 

Library Director

Library Director Report:

Summer Reading is going wonderfully. Katie, our Outreach Librarian, attended a Veterens Day event last week at the armory. Other staff helped her. There were approximately 400 people in attendance. The Farmers Market is also an Outreach event, and is every third Saturday. There is no Bookmobile there, as that was a safety issue. There is an activity booth now. The Educational Conference at CSI was an opportunity to discuss Educator Kits. The goal of these events is to get our name out into the community.

Friday is the LYNX Directors meeting.

Material Comment. There was a complaint. The DVD, Pillars of the Earth. A patron wanted it removed. They have been responded to. This is based on a popular book. Because of reviews and the success of the book, we will be keeping it. It is located in the adult section.

Margaret Peck is offering her official resignation and resigning as trustee. She is moving. She is to be removed from all financial accounts in regards to the library. The remaining board members will sign any needed paperwork from the bank. The City will be notified. Need to review statutes to appoint new trustee mid-term. No decision can be made today. 

Public Comment

No report

Additional Comments

Ben announced the next regular meeting is August 10 th, 2016 and adjourned the meeting at 5:55pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Wanda Harris, Sec. Pro. Tem

*sent to and reviewed by John Van Engelen, Secretary