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Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, August 10th 2016

  • Approved on Wednesday, August 10th 2016

August 10, 2016

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Twin Falls Public Library


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 in the Library’s Board Room.  Attending the meeting were Trustees Ben Cluff, Chris Vaage, Kyle Tarbett and John Van Englen; Library Director Tara Bartley; City Council Liaison Suzanne Hawkins was absent; Library Staff Member Erica Littlefield;


Chairman Ben Cluff called the meeting to order at 4:35 p.m.


The Trustees MSC approval of August 10, 2016 agenda with two additions.   Key Card Access System was added under Business Issues.  E-Rate was added under Director’s Report.


The Trustees MSC the approval of the July 2016 minutes with one addition.  John suggested that on page 3 under Business Issues in the second paragraph, we add language that indicates that when an employee leaves, the amount of vacation paid would be the amount earned.    


The Trustees MSC the approval of the July 2016 bills.  Roll call vote taken. Approved.  Kyle asked if the payment made for the postage machine was the last.  Tara said that it was, and that we had to stay on top of Pitney Bowes to get the boxes to return the machine.  Tara also had one correction on page 3 for line 6500.  She explained that we found that number was sitting higher than it should be.  We found that a bill did not get put on the report.  The bill will be reflected on the year to date report for July.   

Communications & Correspondence


Tara passed around a thank you card for former trustee Margaret Peck.  


We will be redoing the front stairs starting next Monday 8/15.  It will be a week-long process.  The ramp will still be open.  


The staff picnic is August 27 at 6:15 at City Park.  All trustees are invited.  


The library will be closed on Sept. 5 for Labor Day and Sept. 10 for ramp maintenance.  


We have an exhibit from the Smithsonian coming called Explore Earth.   Tara pulled up pictures to show everyone what it looks like.   It is an exhibit that travels throughout the country, and we are excited that it is coming here.  We will have a kickoff on August 25 with Tom Blanchard, who will talk to about mining in Idaho.  Reference and Youth Services will be doing lots of programming to go along with the exhibit.  We are also partnering with organizations in the community like the Herrett Center for activities.      

City Council

No report

Library Foundation

Foundation Liaison report: (Chris Vaage)

The foundation golf tournament is coming soon.  They have had a good response and all the spots are almost full.

Finance & Budgeting

No report

Building & Grounds

No report

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

No report

Business Issues

Business Issues:

Non-resident fees:   Tara recommended that we table this discussion for now.  She wants to do more research into the numbers she received.  Ben asked if the non-resident fee has been the same for several years, and Tara informed the board that it has.  


Key card access:  The Building and Grounds Committee looked at quotes to put key card security on all the doors in the library.  Tara reported that we do have funding left to work on this project, so were moving forward with it.  With the new system, we will have the ability to customize access to the building.    

Library Staff

Library Staff Report:  

Erica Littlefield reported on the Summer Reading Program for kids and teens.  It was a very successful program!  We split the program into 3 sections this year, which worked very well.  We had a preschool program on Tuesdays, a elementary program on Wednesdays, and a teen program on Thursdays.  The preschool and elementary students read almost 5,000 hours.  The teens read over 150 books.  We had excellent attendance at our events as well.  Over 2,000 people attended children’s and teen events at the library in June and July.  Erica also showed some videos from summer reading.    

Library Director

Library Director Report:

Last month we took in 204 school supply and canned food items in lieu of fines. Tara said the community has been very receptive to the idea of bringing in food for fines, and we will be doing it again in December.

We got a new database called ArtistsWorks.  It is a database where people can go to find free tutorials in music and art.   We feel like this could be a great thing for homeschool families.

ICfL is having a meet and greet for new directors on September 12 and Tara will be atteneding that.  

We will be having CPR training for staff on September 10.

We do not currently have any trustee nominations.  We have advertised it in house, on our website and social media, and it was in the paper.  Ben mentioned that it might be worthwhile to contact service clubs and have them announce it to their members.  Tara will contact the clubs to see if they will mention it at their meetings.  

We have been approved for the E-rate program which helps supplement phone and internet costs.  We received 80% of what we asked for for our internet service, and 40% for phone services.  Tara mention that legislators have also have appropriated money to go to ICfL to help libraries cover internet and phone costs, and ICfL will distribute that to libraries.  

There was editorial in The Times-News that mentioned the library. 

Public Comment

No report

Additional Comments

Ben announced the next regular meeting is September 14th, 2016 and adjourned the meeting at 5:16pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Erica Littlefield, Sec. Pro. Tem

*sent to and reviewed by John Van Engelen, Secretary