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Board Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Wednesday, September 14th 2016

  • Approved on Wednesday, September 14th 2016

Sept 14, 2016

Minutes of the Board of Trustees

Twin Falls Public Library


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 in the Library’s Board Room.  Attending the meeting were Trustees Ben Cluff, Chris Vaage, Kyle Tarbett and John Vanenglen; Library Director Tara Bartley; City Council Liaison Suzanne Hawkins; Library Staff Member Wanda Harris; Library Staff Member Adam Day.


Chairman Ben Cluff called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.


The Trustees MSC approval of Sept 14, 2016 agenda.


The Trustees MSC approval of the August 2016 minutes.


The Trustees MSC the approval of the August 2016 bills. Discussion to clarify double payment for natural gas to reflect two gas meters. Report reflecting change to property tax line, as per City.  Addition of Contingency disbursement line to identify Explore Earth Grant expenses. Roll call vote taken. Approved.

Communications & Correspondence


The library will be closed October 10th for Columbus Day.

Bookmobile fall schedule is out, identifies public stops. Private stops are not on the schedule. Bridgeview is an example. Not many changes from summer. Daycares now have institutional cards.

ILA Conference is October 6th – 7th, with 4 members of staff attending. Staff will discuss at next month’s meeting.

Let’s Talk About It is starting, an ICFL series of books and speakers. Pulitzer Prize winning books. This program may be discontinued at state level. Goal is to have 15 people at each event. Suggestion was made to email all city employees.

Explore Earth started last month. People are responding positively to it.

City Council

City Council Liaison report (Suzanne Hawkins):

Quick updates. Background check new Fire Chief is being completed. We are readdressing and updating strategic plan. Would like the Library Board input. Starting the process of positive City branding. Taking control of what we have to offer here, sending a positive message. Is in the infant stage. There will be a committee working on it. Recruitment time for Youth Council, would like to bring brochures to Library Youth Services. Four public schools are represented and one home school currently. 

Library Foundation

Foundation Liaison report: (Chris Vaage)

At our last meeting, we discussed the Golf Tournament. Had raffle prizes and good participation.


Finance & Budgeting

Finance/Budgeting (Kyle)

Line items adjustment from City, regarding property taxes. There is a separate line item for in house collections of $53,500. This has been the same for many years past. The City had factored that amount into the budget total given to the library at the beginning of the fiscal year. In Library report, it has been counted twice. This has been corrected on the report and that shows as a reduced amount in property taxes.


Looked at salary schedule. Currently, the schedule goes from Library Assistant III to Librarian I. Need to insert Library Assistant IV. Will look at further, to add that additional step. No vote required, waiting on worksheet from City on budget, final figures. Recommended to further look at salary schedule. 

Building & Grounds

No report

Planning & Public Relations

No report

Operations & Personnel

Operations/Personnel (Chris and John)

Updating computer use and internet access policies. Have not updated that yet. Will start with Youth Services, and then the Adult section. No set date yet. Developing software. First stage of pilot program. Development time is needed. 90 minute use for card holders currently, per day. May provide this resource differently. Can provide service to non-card holders, quick session use also.

Staff Organizational Chart update, added Outreach Services to this. Previously did not include this department. Also shifted Acquisitions to Technical Services. Policy regarding collections.  Collection Development and Maintenance. Specifically gifts. Tax appraisal of items was brought to committee. Previous board vote was not to do this. Updated the policy to reflect that decision. Added guidelines regarding gifts. Change of wording in other areas of policy. Committee recommendation is to accept changes. Approved. Motion carries.

Business Issues

Non-resident fee, tabled from last meeting. Updated current formula with information from county. Recommendation is to keep fees the same. Motion to keep at $35 and $40. Approved. Motion carried

Library Staff

Library Staff Report: 

Adam Day discussed finishing of door access project. Will begin use of new entry system on Monday. Next will be updating wireless connection inside the building and track usage. Federal guidelines recommend tracking use. Agreement to policy will be part of new log in requirement.

Library Director

Library Director Report:

Completed Capital Improvement, front entry and ramp. Came in under budget. Rain brought attention to issues, contractor will look at it.

ICFL Meeting for Directors. Discussed what ICFL does for us, review. We participate in many of their programs and take advantage of these.

CPR training was Saturday, 8 of us attended. Reference was the only department not represented, all other areas were there. 4 hour training. Also covered AED’s, we will have 2 devices. One upstairs on main level, one in youth services.

Magic Valley Leadership program, Tara is participating. This is a year long commitment. Community focused program, projects and team building, tours. Meet monthly.

The Library has received state funds for expenses not covered under the ERATE federal program. Will receive quarterly.

Discussion on Trustee Interviews. Received four letters of interest. Will interview all four. Tara will contact applicants and set dates.

Public Comment

No report

Additional Comments

Ben announced the next regular meeting is October 12 th, 2016 and adjourned the meeting at 5:35pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Wanda Harris, Sec. Pro. Tem

*sent to and reviewed by John Van Engelen, Secretary