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Summer Fun and His and Hers – Corrine Slusser

Corinne graduated with a BS in Industrial Design, Visual Communication from The Ohio State University way back when Macs had 4” screens. She worked in corporate advertising for a few years until she and her husband moved to Rupert, Idaho in 1994. Years later after taking an oil painting class from her mentor and friend, artist Robert Moore, she once again fell in love with the creative process and hasn’t stopped since.

Corinne is daily inspired by the ordinary that surrounds her. She loves bright colors and interesting shapes. Bikes, Flowers, Converse shoes and VW busses. Her paintings are known by their bold palette knife and brush textures, compelling shapes and vibrant chords of color.

“I am inspired daily by the ordinary yet extraordinary things around me. The line of an interesting building, the wild abandon of color in a blooming garden, the delight I feel when a colorful VW bus passes me in traffic. With my work I hope to bring some of the delight I find out in the world back to you. I hope my work reminds you of a special time, inspires you and makes you smile. Visit:


  • Corrine Slusser

Twin Falls Public Art Tour

Year: 2018

220 Main Ave. W. Twin Falls ID 83301

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