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The Bionic Sockeye Sculpture

Bionic sockeye was created in 2003. This is the very first sculpture made by me. It’s a metal found object sculpture and is made out of horse shoes, a diesel timing chain for the teeth and other random metal parts.

I’ve been an artist since the first time I realized I was an artist. As a young boy I enjoyed drawing as an outlet experimenting with all types of mediums. I didn’t discover metal until 2002 when I started work at an ornamental blacksmith shop, thus sparking my passion for metal sculpture. I believe that art is an expression of the mind and the ultimate expression of freedom. My inspirations come from life’s challenges. Each piece inspires the next, taking a hands-on approach. I created sculptures that will stand the test of time. My goal is to be a world renowned artist and a visionary in the metal sculpting medium.


Twin Falls Public Art Tour

Mary Alice Park

Year: 2003

436 Main St. W. Twin Falls ID 83301

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