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Art And Soul 2021 Murals

Amor Propio - Lydia Hernandez

Amor Propio in English translates to self-love. The concept of this piece was created during reflections of how one self-loves and practices self-preservation. It focuses on the importance of prioritizing yourself and finding ways to nourish yourself. It asks how one can continue to find healing in their daily lives, through the food that we make, the music we listen to, to how we romanticize ourselves.
We all deserve to feel loved.

Untitled - Sonny Leavitt Pearl

In recent years, my work has created an emphasis on exterior elements and simple contours, while leaving a pool of facelessness in between those defined lines. When our brains, on auto pilot, fill up the blank space we endlessly absorb, our natural pattern is to craft what we see into what is least uncomfortable, most reassuring of our normal, and to affirm our place in our miniature worlds.

While there is ready space for comfort, I hope my audience will leave alerted and renewed, reminded that our lives intertwine with those around us in complex yet forever connected ways

Untitled -Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels is an Idaho local, an artist, and an art teacher for Pocatello School District 25. He and his students have worked on many projects within the community. Most recently, they teamed up with Sixes Big Walls and created an aerosol mural at a local iconic eatery.

Mark has shown his work at several local events and in 2019 taught a Master class at the Idaho Art Education Association Annual Conference. His relentless pursuit of exploration has brought him now to a focus in the mediums of oil paints and aerosols.

Untitled - Josh Pohlman

Josh has 10+ years’ experience in graffiti in which he has developed a broad understanding of spray paint techniques and the means of composition. In working together with Mark Daniels, we realized the difference between a well-executed piece of graffiti and a mural is simply permission. With that in mind, we intend to take all the combined knowledge gained after decades of various art skills and apply them in a more cohesive and community uplifting manner.


  • Lyida Hernandez
  • Tony Moreno
  • Sunny Leavitt Pearl
  • Josh Pohlman
  • Mark Daniels

Twin Falls Public Art Tour

Year: 2021

146 2nd Ave. So. Twin Falls ID 83301

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