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Rolling Waters Downtown Kaleidoscope

Mary and Eddie Phillips are emerging Texas artists who create sculpture from found steel pipe of various diameter and gauge. Each piece is personally selected and gathered from a Texas oil and gas industry refuse site, cut into rings, polished to a desired patina, and then welded into place. This hard geometry is visually balanced by the inclusion of organic elements: naturally shaped hardwoods and/or reflective glass forms. In keeping with the artists’ commitment to transform objects which have been discarded into works of beauty and use, these materials also come solely from local, recycled sources.

The inspiration for the giant kaleidoscope came from the intersection of "wanting to create something bold, interactive, and utterly unique" to stand at a downtown's major intersection, and "Gosh, we sure have lots of pipe on hand, what sort of colorful and interactive piece can be made with pipe?"


Twin Falls Public Art Tour

City Hall

Year: 2018

203 Main Ave. E Twin Falls ID 83301

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