Twin Falls Public Art Tour

Glass Mural

The mural was created by two Canyon Ridge high school freshmen while taking a class called “Take the LEAD”, that helps freshmen prepare for success in high school, college, and in life, when they needed a project According to Wilcox, they both had been interested in graffiti and wanted to establish a place that local artists could come and create without worry of having the cops called on them or creating worry among citizens. The artists worked with the city to identify a building they could use and subsequently arranged with Wendy Davis, Twin Falls Parks and Recreation director. The biggest appeal to Wilcox’s and Wheeler’s project is the accessibility for artists and the opportunity for people to bring some color into Twin Falls while having some fun.


  • Corrine Slusser
  • Colby Wilcox
  • Jaxon Wheeler

Twin Falls Public Art Tour

135 Maxwell Ave. (across the Street south side of building)

Year: 2015

213 5th Ave. So. Twin Falls ID 83301

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